Philadelphia Botanical Club

'Find of the Year' Contest

Philadelphia Botanical Club members have made some remarkable botanical finds. We want to celebrate those finds, and perhaps to stir some friendly competition. So we have started a "find of the year" contest. This contest is for any member who makes a significant botanical find. The winner gets bragging rights, and their name(s) and "find" will be published in our journal, Bartonia.

The find can be virtually any observation that would be interesting to botanical club members. Some possible examples:

  • a new population of a rare plant
  • discovery of a plant not previous known to be in the area
  • an overlooked population of a rare plant, based on an herbarium specimen or the historical literature
  • a previously unknown site of a rare habitat type
  • an interesting botanical phenomenon, such as a rare mutualism or a plant producing an unusual structure

To participate, download the instructions. The deadline for entering findings in 2016 has been extended to March 10, 2017.

Asclepias tuberosa